Quick Media Break

Hey friends!

Just wanted to let y’all know from tomorrow to to next Sunday I won’t be on any media (Bible Bee Social Community and King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp included). There’s a lot I need to think and pray about, and I’ve been wanting to do a media fast for a while. I’d make the break longer, except I need to log my Spring 100 miles in. Lord-willing, I should be back on next Monday.



P.S. I will still be responding to letters and text messages.


Seven Days of Hope // Day Two

Hope. Isn’t that something we all need during these strange times? While I know and believe my hope is in the Lord, it’s easy for me to forget that He is my hope. I’m so excited to be a part of this tour (though I wasn’t originally supposed to be in this tour), and I hope if your are a believer in Christ, you will remember your only true hope is in Him.

The Bible is full of so many verses that give me hope. I have ran across several great reminders while memorizing the book of Psalm. However, this verse from Romans reminds me WHY I hope.

(Feel free to use this wallpaper on your phone/iPod.)

It’s often easy to forget why we are here on this earth. The whole world is so hopeless. They have nothing to live for. But as Christians, we’re living for Jesus Christ. Our mission is to go into the world and share about the hope we have in Christ. Sometimes it’s so easy to wish we were never born or that we lived during a different time. No matter how hard things are or become, we need to remember each day is a gift from God, and we should never forget our mission to share hope with the world.

On the days that it seems we have no hope, remember if your are a Christian, your hope is the Lord, and one day, you will meet Him. Until that day, let’s share the hope of Jesus Christ will everyone possible.

This song is one of my favorites. It’s a great reminder that One Day, He’s coming back. He triumphed over the grave, and He’s coming back for the believers. I am one of those believers, and I cannot wait for that day. I hope and wait eagerly for the day I meet Him. He’s my hope, and I hope He’s yours too. He’s the only hope that keeps me going each day.

There’s also a giveaway going on. Two winners will be chosen. The prizes are either The Whispers God Gives by Ellen Senechal (my review here) or Live by Sadie Robertson (I have not read this book, so I can’t endorse it), along with a stationary prize pack. Enter below or at this link.

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Bible Bee

What It’s Like to Compete in the National Bible Bee

Maybe you missed my most recent post on Bible Bee (view it here) or maybe you didn’t think Bible Bee was for you. Well, I have a rather funny video here to show you, and I hope that you’ll think about doing Bible Bee this year. (Psst…Registration goes up tomorrow, so sign up today for lowest rates!)

Here’s the link to the video: What It’s Like to Compete in the National Bible Bee

And if you think Bible Bee might be for you, sign up here!

[Side note: you may NOT understand all of the YKYIBBWs, but you WILL find some of them very funny.]


“The King’s Princess” // Book Review

The King's Princess - Isabella Morganthal

Most little girls dream of becoming beautiful princesses, never realizing that they already are. In “The King’s Princess: A Magazine Compilation,” Isabella Morganthal encourages young ladies to remember that they are daughters of the King of kings, with makes them each a princess. “The King’s Princess” is a monthly e-magazine that Isabella began in January 2013. She compiled the magazine articles from the last few years to create a book that inspires young ladies to not only believe who God made them to be, but to live that way as well. A book to encourage them to live a life that makes their Father proud. To live a life that makes every minute matter. To live a life worthy of a true princess.

Book info

Author: Isabella Morganthal
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Publisher: Independent
Age: Young ladies of all ages
My thoughts

Containing fiction and non-fiction stories and articles, this book reminds ladies that they are true princesses if they are daughters of God. Miss Morganthal touches many topics, from Bible Bee to relationships and many things in between. Lessons on forgiveness and standing firm for what you believe is right is told in fictional stories. Miss Morganthal also reminds us Christ is all we need, and He is worth it all. I really enjoyed reading about her Bible Bee journey and what she learned.
Romance/controversial: Isabella and her sister Kenzie were raised by a single mother until they were 14. She briefly talks about her mom getting engaged.
Bible version used: New King James Version
Language/inappropriate content: none.. 


Curriculum I Use

This is one of the most-requested blog posts. (Why? I’m not sure..) In our family, we use a lot of different curriculum. I’m going to walk you through the curriculum we are doing this year and give mini-reviews.


Harold Jacob’s Elementary Algebra is what I used for algebra. (I finished algebra last week!) It’s very repetitive and does follow common core in places. Other than that, it’s simple to figure out (for the most part!). The DVD is somewhat helpful, but I prefer my math/writing/editor tutor’s help.


Okay, I finished history the first week of March. I was using IV Mystery of History . I did volumes I, II and III in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. MoH uses NKJV and is best used as a complete series. 


Science is the only subject we’ve always used the same publisher for (though that’ll change when we start chemistry). Lacey and I are doing Apologia Biology (second edition) with a friend. Apologia is very thorough and hands-on. They use NIV for the Bible text, which is the only downfall.


We’ve used a lot  of different curriculum for grammar, and I can’t say I have a favorite. Grammar has been a struggle for me for many years. I’m using Analytical Grammar this year. It’s secular, so some of the things I don’t agree, but it’s a good re-freshener. Even though it’s secular, it does have Bible verses/references from the King James Version. It’s a two-to-three year course, but I am working to finish it in a year. (I should have it done in April.)


Jane Eyre and Across Five Aprils are done with Progeny Press. Progeny Press has writing assignments in the study guides and they use NIV. Memoria Press is being used with The Hounds of Baskervilles. In the years I used Memoria, they are VERY thorough and somewhat hard. They use the KJV for Bible text.

Writing is incorporated with literature and history this year. Most other years, we do writing class with friends.

Foreign Language

I’ve used expensive Spanish curriculum’s, and they don’t seem to get me anywhere. The Learnables is good (I don’t think they’re Christian, but they didn’t have any objectional content) and has very nice audio recordings. I am also using Duolingo. Duolingo is very secular and promotes ungodly things, thus I cannot recommend it. I am doing Easy Peasy Spanish as well, which is free and Christian.

Family and Consumer Science by Alpha Omega Publishers is pretty much a home ec course. Even though our home ec is done by doing (cooking, sewing……who needs a workbook???), this course gives more detail and is a perfect supplement. AOP uses KJV. I actually finished this course in February.

I haven’t started Auto Upkeep yet, but it looks like the perfect course for girls who do not have brothers that know everything about trucks! I will be starting this…soon. Maybe in April. Or May. (I’ve only been saying that since seventh grade…)

Comparative Religions I started this course Tuesday (the 9th), and I’m really enjoying it. There’s a lot of information involved, thus it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

So Lacey and I actually did Apologia’s Health and Nutrition in 8th grade (we got a credit too). However, since it counts as high school, I’m adding it to this post. It uses NIV, and is very thorough. Also…I could have done without the last chapter…

Music: (Almost) Every Monday, Dad, Lacey, and I take the 35-minute drive to our piano lessons. I have a 40-minute lesson, and Lacey’s last anywhere from 40-50 minutes. If she has a short lesson, we also do some voice lessons.

P.S. The picture shows a spelling book, but I finished it in October(?) and it was the last spelling book Mom wanted me to do.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Also, let me know if you would like to see another post like this.

Bible Bee

The National Bible Bee Summer Study

If you’ve kept up with my blog for a while, you probably “heard” me talk about Bible Bee Summer Study. But what exactly is the Bible Bee Summer Study?

The Summer Study encourages anyone between the ages 7-18 (age as of November 13 of the current year) to learn more about the Bible by reading, memorizing, and studying the Bible. The Summer Study last 8 weeks (from June 7 to August 12 this year) and at the end of the study, Summer Study participants can take the qualifying test if they wish. If they rank top 120 in their division, they can advance to Nationals (unsure if this year’s Nats will be in-person). 

So how does the Summer Study work?

The Summer Study uses the Discovery Journal (DJ), which is a PDF or hardcopy book that tells you what your daily reading is, what passages you need to memorize, Greek and Hebrew words (if Junior/Senior), and has activities and other exercises related to your Bible work. Bible Bee uses the following Bible translations: NASB, NIV (’11), ESV, NKJV, and KJV. The DJ uses a mix of these versions, however, most of the verses in the DJ will need to be looked up in the version of your choice.

Summer Study participants have the option of joining a host group. Host groups are located almost everywhere. (Click here to see if there’s one near you.) Due to the fact the nearest host group is in another state and my mom isn’t up to the idea, I haven’t joined one. However, I’ve heard great things from the people who are in host groups. If host groups aren’t an option, you can join the Online Participant Community (you can join even if you’re in a host group). I highly suggest you join the OPC as you will find many resources, tips, and contests. (You may also find a new pen pal through the Community like I did.) You will probably find a lot of inside jokes there too and a few Bible version wars.

Last year (2020) was my first year doing the Summer Study. I’m so thankful I did the SS. I “met” a lot of amazing people (like GraceSierra, and Susanna A.). I learned how to actually study the Bible and I got motivated to memorize more Bible. I learned so much about TRUST, which was definitely needed during 2020.

I asked some Bible Bee friends to write out how Bible Bee has helped them. Here’s what they said:

 Bible Bee has given me life experience. I applied for a job recently and noticed all the NBBC related experience on my resume. It wasn’t only directly contest related  –  there were clubs and programs I started, plus organizational projects I helped with. These provided experience for the clerical job.

–  By Macy C.

Bible Bee has impacted my walk with God more than I could imagine. From memorizing Scripture on my own to starting a Bible study with non-BBers at my church, the Lord has used Bible Bee to bring His Word to life and equip me for His work.

– by Rachael E.

Bible Bee has helped me truly love the study of God’s word. It has spurred me on to store truth in my heart, and the times that God’s word has sprung to my mind and helped me are countless.
– Josie P.

Bible Bee has given me a greater understanding and love for God’s Word, teaching me how to study it more effectually.  I’ve also developed many friendships.  But most of all, Bible Bee has taught me how to trust the Lord for every day, every moment, and in everything I do.

– Alanna B.

This year’s theme is WITNESS. I’m very excited to find out what the Study Passage will be.

What are you waiting for–sign-ups start today!!! You can register for as little as $20! You can sign up at here.

Still not sure convinced? Click here to see a post by a fellow Bible Bee-er! I hope you consider doing the Bible Bee Summer Study this year!

In Christ,


Are you interested in the Summer Study? Are you a Bible Bee-er?