Lilly is a young lady who’s trying to serve the Lord in everything she does. She is saved by God’s grace, and wants to live a life for Him. She’s a homeschooled student, and a Bible-Bee-er who would loves reading, writing, sewing, and would like to start her own business in the (near) future. She enjoys playing the piano, and messing around on several other instruments, including the violin and ukulele. She has published two novellas, though they aren’t for public sale (hopefully that will change soon, though!), and has several short stories in the works.

Lacey is Lilly’s Irish twin, born 9 months and 5 days after Lilly. (They are sisters by adoption!) She is a homeschooled freshman who enjoys reading, doing puzzles, purring her cat, having serious conversations on a vast majority of subjects (usually random ones), and drinking tea. She plays the piano and is puzzled at how far ahead of her sister she is, despite them having started at the same time. She writes whenever she has inspiration, thus the reason Lilly has left her in the dust in manuscripts.