“The King’s Princess” // Book Review

The King's Princess - Isabella Morganthal

Most little girls dream of becoming beautiful princesses, never realizing that they already are. In “The King’s Princess: A Magazine Compilation,” Isabella Morganthal encourages young ladies to remember that they are daughters of the King of kings, with makes them each a princess. “The King’s Princess” is a monthly e-magazine that Isabella began in January 2013. She compiled the magazine articles from the last few years to create a book that inspires young ladies to not only believe who God made them to be, but to live that way as well. A book to encourage them to live a life that makes their Father proud. To live a life that makes every minute matter. To live a life worthy of a true princess.

Book info

Author: Isabella Morganthal
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Publisher: Independent
Age: Young ladies of all ages
My thoughts

Containing fiction and non-fiction stories and articles, this book reminds ladies that they are true princesses if they are daughters of God. Miss Morganthal touches many topics, from Bible Bee to relationships and many things in between. Lessons on forgiveness and standing firm for what you believe is right is told in fictional stories. Miss Morganthal also reminds us Christ is all we need, and He is worth it all. I really enjoyed reading about her Bible Bee journey and what she learned.
Romance/controversial: Isabella and her sister Kenzie were raised by a single mother until they were 14. She briefly talks about her mom getting engaged.
Bible version used: New King James Version
Language/inappropriate content: none.. 

6 thoughts on ““The King’s Princess” // Book Review”

  1. Ohhh, that’s SO funny, because I’m in the middle of reading this book right now!!! For the second time – I got it for Christmas a couple years ago. 😀 I love this book! Great review.😄💖

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