What I’ve Been Reading // February

My brain has been dead. And I’ve been really busy lately (doing what? School, piano and violin practice, and I’m not sure what else.). I couldn’t figure out what to post yesterday besides a 3/4 finished book review or an unedited blog post. I read 23 books/short stories last month, which was 11 more than in January. Please note I don’t recommend all these books and if you have questions, just ask in the comments below.

As the Heavens are Higher–Courtenay Burden (my review here)

Stop the Rain–Kassie Angle (Lacey’s review here)

A Big Year for Lily + A Surprise for Lily by Mary Ann Kinsinger (Books 3 and 4 in the Lily Lapp series.)

The Lily Lapp series is pretty much the only fiction Amish book I read. The author is ex-Amish, so it’s accurate and not a romance novel.

A Touch of Purple Paint–Hailey Rose

A Crazy, Crowded Christmas, Home for Christmas, + Christmas Quilts–Rebekah Morris

Behold–Faith Potts

Stille Nacht–Ryana Lynn (Miller) Peterson

Distorted Glass, Adventures and Adversities, + Fanny’s Hope Chest–Sarah Holman

DG was really good, and I think the Jared is the same one in Molly and Anna. I didn’t think I’d like AA, so I read it because I “knew” I wouldn’t like it and then I could sell it. Turns out, it’s a keeper, though it does have a bit of romance. And FHC is such a good book.

A Family for Christmas–Hannah Foster

The Great Lab Escape–Perry Kirkpatrick

This book was……interesting. I don’t think I’ll be reading any more in this series. (Smart cats? Not exactly my genre..)

Eyes for my Heart–Rebecca Martin

This book is highly recommended.

Summer of Suspense–C. R. Hedgcock (Book 1 in the Baker Family Adventures)

You can definitely tell this was the author’s first book. However, my sister found book 6 on KU and she said it got better, so I’m excited to read the rest.

The More of Less–Joshua Becker

I basically read a book that describes everything in our house except our bookshelf. This book is about minimalism, and is an interesting read. I didn’t agree with his theology in places. (Minor things.)

And I’ve been on a money kick lately. I’m interested in earning, saving, and using money in a wise, godly manner. (I’m also thinking about becoming a self-taught accountant…)

Money Secrets of the Amish–Lorilee Cracker

I was reading this book while waiting for people to answer some cake questions, and I left it on the chair, and my mom pick it up and says, “Well I guess we can get rid of our electricity.” Not exactly what the book is talking about…

Complete Guide to Money, The Legacy Journey, + Total Money Makeover–Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey’s books are super interesting. They’re also written from a Christian worldview, so I enjoyed them more, and I have more on my to-read list.

Rich Dad Poor Dad–Robert Kiyosaki

Interesting book. I’m not sure what to think about just living off of investments (the Bible talks about working for our own money). Also, it cusses a few times so BEWARE.

And there you have it. I definitely read too much last month, but I don’t think I’ll be reading as much this month. (Well, I might. I’m limiting the amount of books I can read this summer, so I’m kind of binge-reading this spring.)

What have you been reading lately? Have you read any of these books?

13 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading // February”

  1. Wonderful post! I think it’s always fun to see what books people have been reading. I wish i could read more, but my life is so packed with school etc. that it’s hard to find time. What is the book Eyes for my Heart about? I’d like to know more, and maybe read it! ❤

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed, Amber, and I hope you have time to read more in the future! “Eyes for my Heart” is about 14 year old Ida Weaver. Changes take place in her family and due to health reasons her family must move away from their farm. Simply put, it’s about Ida trying to accept change and have a servant’s heart.

      1. Great! If/when you read it, let me know what you think of it! (Side note: it is written from an Anabaptist point-of-view, so you may not agree with some minor things.)

  2. YES, I’ve read allll the Lily Lapp books (they used to be my very-most favorites when I was younger :D) I’ve also read Eyes for My Heart, Stop the Rain, Summer of Suspense, Behold, A Touch of Purple Paint, The Great Lab Escape, A Family for Christmas, and two of the Sarah Holman books you mentioned. 🙂 As the Heavens are Higher is on my TBR list.
    Thanks for sharing! ❤ I enjoyed this post and may have to do something similar at some point on my own blog. 🙂

    1. That’s fun you’ve read a lot of these! I’d love to see a similar post from you. (Except I stalk your Goodreads, so I know most of what you’ve been reading. 😀)

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