Modesty Monday

What you Wear is Between You and God

Should I wear pants?
Is it okay to wear knee-length dresses? Is sleeveless okay?
These are just a few questions Christian (young) ladies face. Sadly, the Bible doesn’t say much when it comes to questions like these. While it’d make life a lot easier if the Bible touched these topics, you must decide what’s best for you and what the Lord convicts you.
What you wear reflects your heartAre you dressing in a way to please God? Or are you dressing in certain clothes because that’s what’s “in”. Or are you dressing in whatever you can find because your parents never told you what you could (or could not) wear?
The first question above is of a girl who wants to honor God in the way she dresses. The second is of a girl who wants to fit in. The third is of a girl who want to see if her parents will ever say anything about how she dresses. Modesty is a heart issue.
As Christians, the way we dress should bring glory to God. Being modest doesn’t mean we have to go around wearing long sleeves shirts with high collars and ankle-length skirts. You could be wearing ankle-length skirts and long-sleeve shirts all the time and still be immodest. Modesty isn’t always about the outward appearance–don’t get me wrong, it is about how you dress, but it’s about the heart. Are you dressing modestly because you want to protect your brothers in Christ and honor the Lord, or are you doing it because your parents make you and as soon as you can, you’re going to wear what you want?
A few random thoughtsAre you trying to figure out if a certain piece of clothing is acceptable to God? Ask Him! Pray about it and try to find Scripture relating to the topic. Ask your mom or other trusted ladies you know who dress modestly (peers are NOT a good idea). Ask your dad too! He knows what attract young men and he can help you! (Even if he’s not a Christian, he’d probably like the fact you ask him.) If you have brothers, you can also ask them their opinion. 
Does someone popular you admire have a certain dress code (skirts/dresses only, for example)? Before you switch to something like that, ask yourself this: Am I doing it because   _________________  does it, or am I doing it because it is my personal conviction. If you’re doing it because ___________    does it, then your probably following that person instead of God!
Don’t condemn other Christians who have different standards. That’s their convictions before the Lord, not yours.
And last but not least, don’t tell other Believers what they should wear. If you do and they obey you, that makes them a follower of you, not Christ. Don’t get me wrong–you can give other ladies advice, but don’t tell them “you have to wear loose pants, skirts, dresses, etc”.

Anything you’d like to add? 

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