Modesty Monday

Modesty Monday // (One Of) The Most Controversial Topics in the Christian Corners

Swimming is a very controversial topic in the Christian corners–especially when it gets boiled down to the topic of what ladies wear. I know Christians who wear bikinis and I know Christians who wear exercise clothes over swim suits. Let’s begin with what you said.
Umm . . . Mom and I made our swimwear — nylon lycra ((I think)) fabric, and a shorter dress pattern worked wonders!a modest two piece set fromExercise shirts, swim skirts it depends lolWe only go to our neighbor’s pool once a year. We don’t go to any public pools with mix swimming etc. We wear a dark colored t shirt and knee length, loose shorts.One piece bathing suites. I usually get mine at target (the appropriate ones, targets bathing suites aren’t always great)Sport shorts and a tank topLands Endwe don’t swim much but like some one made them i dont remember what the name wasTank top with a swim skirt or swim shorts. KholsUsually tankinisboard shorts and swim shirtOne piece with high neck (I personally wear swim shirts over top but due to fair skinThis is a hard one. I have never found a very good quality, cheaply priced modest swimsuit option. Currently, my sisters and I wear combination swimsuits – breathable spandex short-sleeve tops beneath a normal LL Bean or Land’s End swim dress – usually with jeggings or biking shorts beneath the skirt.I wear a one piece with sports clothes over top.rash guard and board shorts, sometimes swimskirtA one peace swim suit.I wear a one piece (speedo is the brand i wear)A tankini top and a swim skirt. Lands EndOne piece with swim shortsShirt and shorts with swimsuit underneath. Not sure where we get them.For years we wore shirts and swimming trunks. In 2019, we switched over to bathing suits that 1). had sleeves that reached the elbows, and 2). pants that ended at the knees.We wear shorts to our knees and teeshirts, but we also do not swim in public pools among immodest people.Just two pieces that are not too showy or inappropriate. Not bikinis.We make our own! 🙂 (Swim dresses with pants underneath)We wear a short skirt with a tank-top swim shirt, and usually put an extremely long t-shirt over it. I’m sorry, I have no idea where we get them!1 piece, I prefer a 1 piece with shorts on. We buy them wherever❤️skirtini and Land’s EndA modest one piece bathing suit or tankini with shorts. One good place I’ve found is Land’s End. A shirt with short sleeves and short pants, homemade. My older sister made mine, (we make lots of our clothes)Tops that are tank tops and swim skirts. We usually buy our swim suits at KholsNo cheeky bottoms or low cut tops but a little bit of midriff showing is okaySwim suits, usually from Walmart. But we make sure they’re appropriateTankinishirt, culottes to cover 1-p swimsuit as underclothes
No matter what you choose to wear, you will never be able to please everyone. You wear a bikini, they’ll be Christians mortified you’d do that. You wear a skirt/shorts and T-shirt, they be Christians thinking you’re crazy. Galatians 1:10 says this, “For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” (KJV) What we wear should be pleasing to the Lord, no matter what other men may say (’cause you’ll never please everyone!).
Even in my own church, ladies’ bathing suit options are different. Some are fine with one-piece/tankini-type swim suits, others are okay with them unless they are in public (and then it’s shorts over the bathing suit), and then there’s people like us–skirted/short swim wear, in public and private swimming. That’s okay we don’t all have the same preferences–we’re not all the same and our convictions before God are not the same. While we may not agree, it’s certainly not something worth getting in a fight over.
Some of you said you do not swim where immodest people swim. I think that’s a good idea, although some of you (like me) only have to go to a family/birthday gathering involving a pool or slip ‘n slide and they’ll be “mix swimming”. So for some of us, it’s hard to avoid. And if we did avoid them, some of the best memories wouldn’t have been made.
Sometimes, even us ladies have to avert our eyes when we see someone wearing something immodest. While we may think unkind thoughts about a person wearing something we don’t approve of, but remember to pray for those people. You don’t know some of the people and their is probably a reason they’re dressing in a revealing way.
Think of it this way: Would you be willing to wear you bathing suit any other place? (Think shopping, with church friends, etc.) I would be willing to wear mine in those places, (though a shirt over my bathing suit top would be ideal!). If you’re not willing to wear your swim suit in any other public place, why are wearing it a a public pool/beach/lake? What suddenly makes it modest at those places?
Always remember your convictions are not their convictions, and whatever you wear, wear unto the Lord, not men. Keep strong on your modesty journey–and be kind to those who disagree. has a great article of bathing suits here.
P.S. Some of you mentioned Target and Khols. I do not endorse either one of these stores because they support things I disagree with. However, if you shop there, that’s you conviction before God.

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