Modesty Monday

Make-Up, Jewelry, High Heels, and The Heart (and Motive!) Behind It

Before we begin this post, let’s see what you all thought about this topic! Note: I did edit responses for spelling (and one response was edited because it had a word (not a bad word) that I wasn’t comfortable posting on this blog.

Q. Do you think jewelry/make-up/high heels are modest?

~Yes x 11
~No x 1

~Yea, as long as you don’t have too much make-up

~yes, if you don’t go over board

~ I believe jewelry is modest as long as it is not too loud, too flashy, too suggestive, or too noisy. Jewelry should never direct an outfit. That can be a dangerous place to be. A collar can be pushed too low just to show off a necklace, or perhaps a not-so-modest blouse chosen merely because it matches your earrings. Be careful. Jewelry should be subtle. As far as make-up goes, I do occasionally wear concealer (thanks to Acne), and if I’m going to be on stage (I am a wedding harpist and pianist), I will sometimes add a touch of natural-toned cheek color. But that is all. I believe that make-up should never take over or hide a face. If it takes you any longer than five minutes too apply, you could be using your time more wisely elsewhere. God made you as you were for a reason. His reason. Make-up should never try to change that.

~i think they can encourage [sensual] behavior, but they don’t have to. (Words in bracket mine)
~If used with moderation, not to change your appearance but to make what God made as nice as possible, striving to keep it to a natural look.
~jewelry is fine. I don’t know about make up and high heals. personal I don’t wear them, but I wouldn’t say they aren’t modest.
~If they’re not gaudy, a little jewelry and make-up is fine. High heels are modest so long as you can stay upright in them!
~We do all of those, but I believe we shouldn’t go overboard.
~I think it totally depends on the heart of the person. I do wear jewelry, make-up, and I like to wear heels, because I’m short =) That being said, all of those things *can* be immodest if they are worn to draw attention to ourselves, and not just as an accessory to our outfits.
~Depends. I wear makeup. But not much, I wear face powder and some blush. I don’t think a woman should look fake though. I sometimes wear jewelry so I think it is fine and high heels, I believe it is ok as long as it’s for your enjoyment. Not to show off to the opposite. So, I think it depends on why/ how you wear them.
~Yes if Worn right
~Yes, as long as they aren’t drawing attention to the wrong areas.
~I don’t wear them. I wouldn’t say they are immodest but they do draw attention to yourself
~For special occasions only
~In moderation.
~not if draw excessive attention (dark eyes, necklaces with low v-necks), esp shoes to draw eye to legs
~Wearing one pair of earrings is fine. No more than one earring in each ear. I do not like multiple piercings. A girl’s earrings should not be huge or wild looking. Studs are good. Your earrings should not be the first thing a person notices about you. Necklace and braclets are fine. Just not too much jewelry. Make-up – not too much. Very light with it. High heels – not higher than an one inch heel is fine.
~Yes to a point
~This is a hard question, one, as my mom says, “all goes back to the heart.” I don’t necessarily think it’s immodest, but there is a fine line to everything.
~I think these are modest, but makeup shouldn’t be dark or sensual.
~depends on your age i were earrings and my sis weres her ring are dad gave her
~Yes, it just depends on you and your personal beliefs.
~Depends to the extent you wear them… Our main goal should be to follow Christ and point others to Him not ourselves
~Yes, but it depends how much makeup or jewelry. A little is fine, but not excessive
~yes, in moderation….moderation is key.
~It depends on how much you are wearing.
~In moderation yes. Although personally my sisters and I choose not to wear makeup. As for the high heels, we’re all fairly tall so we don’t really want to add extra height so do not wear them
~Yes just don’t over do it
~Depends on the heart behind it, modesty is a heart issue as much as it is a dress issue.
~I don’t really have an opinion on high heels and jewelry, but I don’t wear/want/like makeup.
~if they are subtle and don’t draw unnecessary attention

So….Is Make-Up, High Heels, and Jewelry Modest?
Read 1 Corinthians 6:12 in the translation of your choice (KJV is linked). The Bible doesn’t say anything about wearing make-up, high heels, and/or jewelry. So, should we, as Christians wear these things?

Our main focus with everything we do as Christians is to point to Christ. That includes what we wear. Unbelievers should see us and notice we are different (Romans 12:1-2). They should wonder why we are different, and we should be able to tell them Christ bought us with a price. Does that mean make-up, high heels, and jewelry are wrong? No, in fact, you can wear all these things and still be modest. We can still wear these things, but if it causes others to stumble by how we wear these things, then we may need to stop. (Read Romans 14:12-13 NKJV is linked). 

When you wear these things, who are you trying to please? 
When you wear these things, why are you wearing them? It’s not bad to look nice, but if you’re wanting attention or something, you may need to re-evaluate your motives.

What you wear goes back to your heart. (See this post.)

I don’t wear make-up. Or high heels. I do wear platform sandals occasionally. I have earrings (single piercing). I hardly wear necklaces or bracelets. Just because I choose to do these things does not mean you have too or agree with me. If you agreed with everything I do, you’d be a follower of me, not Christ. We are to follow Him, not people’s teaching.

Every family has rules dealing with this subject. Maybe you should ask your parent(s) their opinions on the subject. Wise people will go to their elders for counseling and advice. As always, ask you dad (or brother) his opinion before you wear something you’re not sure about in public.

Now that you’re getting older, people may ask you why you don’t wear _______. Be prepared for to answer them and share the Gospel while doing so. 

Praying for all of you,
Lilly ❤

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