2021 Goals

Wow, 2021 is already here. I started planning my 2021 goals in October, but somehow, 2021 still snuck up on me.


“Contentment” is not only one of my bigger goals; it’s also my word of the year. This is my first time doing a “word of the year”. I struggle with contentment, as do a lot of people. My struggle is not really in wanting more things; it’s more of being content where God has put me. I often wish I am graduated high school, married, working my dream job, or something like that. So my goal is to be content in ALL things, material and un-material.

Spiritual Goals

Read through the whole Bible twice.

Memorize 1,000 verses.

Ask God to give me guidance in my life.

Participate in National Bible Bee Summer Study


Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Less sugar intake (I should probably put less bread too since bread turns into sugar.)

Exercise 5 days per week. That should be fairly easy as I usually exercise 5-7 times per week…


Save more money. Yeah….I just bought two books of stamps this morning with money that needs to be saved. *sighs* Any money I get for the next three months needs to be saved or donated…

Find a way (or ways) to earn money. Pet sitting, writing, start my own business, etc.

Sell what I don’t need.


Take media fasts.

No blogging/emailing on Sundays. I have done this one for the past year, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Less blogging during school and Bible Bee season. LOL, I just realized I’m always doing one of these things xD

Post on this blog at lease twice a month, preferably every Monday if possible.


Research photography/music careers.

Look into ministries.

Finish 9th grade strong and start 10th grade strong.

Average As and Bs.

Continue with piano and figure out violin.


Witness more.

Serve with gladness.

Write godly articles for solid, Bible believing magazines.

Be an encouragement/blessing.


Learn how to cook/clean better.

Build and maintain relationships with family and friends.

Be a listening ear.

Learn CPR and get certified.

And there you have it, my 2021 goals. Seems like quite a few, doesn’t it? 

What about you? What are some of your 2021 goals?

7 thoughts on “2021 Goals”

  1. I love your goals Lilly! That’s so funny about being in school and Bible Bee year-round. I’m happy to hear you are doing Bible Bee again! Lord Willing, I will also be participating! I’m already trying to memorize last year’s NBBC passages to get my mind in gear!

    1. Hey, it’s true! I’ll be doing either Bible Bee or school all the timeπŸ˜€. I’m planning to memorize some of last years passages too! I can’t wait to hear how you do in BB this year!

      1. Same goes for you Lilly! It’s great you are planning on memorizing some of last years passages too! So far they’ve been wonderful nuggets of truth to ponder throughout my day! ❀

  2. Lilly, I’m so happy that you started your blog on WordPress! You just got my follow. πŸ˜‰ By the way, you’ve got great goals for 2021! I hope that you are able to accomplish some or all of them. ❀

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