“Through the Tunnel” by Rebekah Morris

Through the Tunnel: Rebekah A. Morris: 9781519149114: ...

“I hate being a foster kid!” Fourteen-year-old Lissa had thought those words dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the last twelve years. She and her twin brother, Leigh, had been foster kids for as long as they could remember. Naturally shy, this life of bouncing around from one foster home to another, of changing schools mid-term, and of never having a real place they could call home had left Lissa with feelings of insecurity and doubt. Would they ever have a real home? Why didn’t anyone want them? Then one cold, winter afternoon, Lissa persuades her brother to make believe that a tunnel under a snow covered bridge is the entrance to a new world and a new life; together they walk through it, and it changes their lives forever.

Author: Rebekah Morris
5 stars

Romance: A little between husband and wife, but nothing inappropriate or detailed.

Bible Translation: King James Version

Controversial: Children are separated and sent to Sunday School. AWANA is mentioned. 

Age: 13 and older, mostly because if you’re older, you understand more of what Lissa’s feeling.

This book makes you want to be beside Lissa to comfort her, give her a big hug and remind her God does care for her and He does understand what she’s going through.  

Lissa’s life is far from perfect and she often wonders if anyone would be willing to adopt her and her brother–after all, 14 year-olds don’t adjust to a new life as well as younger children. I like how the book isn’t unrealistic, and the Holden children aren’t perfect. I also like how Rebekah Morris clearly explains Salvation.

Even though I recommend this book for 13+, younger readers can still read it (and enjoy it!), but may not relate to Lissa as much.  

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