“Summer with the Moodys” by Sarah Maxwell Summer with the Moodys (Moody Family Series Book 1 ...

Summer with the Moodys is the first book in the Moody Family Series from Titus2. This book celebrates the adventures of everyday life in a Christian family! Come along with the Moodys as they help a widowed neighbor, start small businesses for the children, enjoy a family fun night, live normal life, and wrap up the book with two special surprises! Woven throughout the book is the Moodys’ love for the Lord and their enjoyment of time together. Children (parents too!) will love Mr. and Mrs. Moody, Max, Mollie, Mitch, and Maddie—they’ll come away challenged and encouraged.

Often parents are concerned about negative examples and role models in books their children are reading. One goal in writing the Moody Series was to eliminate those kinds of examples replacing them with positive, godly ones.

We often receive positive feedback from families who have read Summer with the Moodys. Here is a portion of a note one mom wrote: “Our children loved it and kept asking me to continue reading. Even our fourteen-year-old got into it. She got inspired to do something to surprise her parents—clean out the garage, with the help of her younger siblings. It took me a while to realize that your book had prompted the idea! Thank you so much for using your gift of writing in such a wholesome way.” ~ Gerlinde

Summer with the Moodys grew out of the need we saw for godly, children’s reading material. This book was written to encourage Christian families to a closer walk with Jesus, to a greater intimacy in family relationships, and to a focus on serving and working.
Author: Sarah Maxwell
Rating: ★★★★✩ (Four stars)
Bible Translation Used: KJV
Controversial: The eleven and eight year old were on the computer. A guest pastor is referred to as ‘Brother Wilson’. This book is written from a very conservative viewpoint, so those who are do not have a conservative viewpoint may not want to read this book. 

Romance: Absolutely none!
Age: Any age, 6+ if reading by self.
This book was such a fun read. The story itself spans about three months. I loved how the Moodys were committed to serving the Lord in everything they did. The book references many Bible verses too. Maddy was so cute too–especially since she couldn’t pronounce her Rs. The only thing I didn’t like was that the Moodys were a little too perfect. The siblings barely had any fights and they were always wanting to bless others. (Don’t get me wrong, siblings shouldn’t be fighting 24/7 and wanting to bless others is great–I wish there was more of a struggle–it would help others relate to them better.) Overall, this book would make a great family read-aloud for all ages.

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