“Start Here” by Alex and Brett Harris

Start Here by Alex and Brett HarrisAge: 13+


Back cover summary:

You want to do hard things. But you don’t know where to start. You are changing the world around you. But you are tired and burned out. You feel called to do the extraordinary for God. But you feel stuck in the ordinary.

This book is the sequel to Do Hard Things . In it is tips on how to start doing hard things right where you are, no matter the circumstance, or talent. There are testimonies of other young people who have started doing hard things right where God put them. It also suggests simple ideas on how to do hard things. It talks about what happens when you get discouraged, when things don’t go the way you planned, and giving God all the credit when you could much easier take all of the credit. It doesn’t matter what your circumstance is. It’s whether or not you will let God use you.  I rate this book five stars. I suggest that if you have read Do Hard Things, you should definitely read this inspiring book. To buy, go here. To go to The Rebelution, click here

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