“Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends” by Sarah, Stephen, & Grace Mally

Back cover summary:Brothers and sisters are among the most important people in life! Yet often they are also the most trouble. Many siblings fight, argue and miss out on the close relationship that God intends. The problem is not just the surface battles but the underlying attitudes, wrong concepts and offenses. Many broken relationships never get fixed. Few enjoy the special life-long treasure that God intended.

The emphasis of this book is not merely “getting along” with your brothers and sisters, but making them your best friends. Every chapter of the book has a section written by Sarah, Stephen, and Grace, giving the book three perspectives and three personalities. It includes many personal stories, lots of humor, cartoons, practical ideas, and helpful insights. We encourage entire families to read it aloud together.

Authors: Sarah, Stephen, & Grace Mally

Rating: 5 stars all the way!

Bible Translation Used: King James Version

Romance/Controversial: N/A

Age: Brothers and sisters of any age!

Many siblings fight-it’s the sinful human nature. But siblings can also become the best friends. Siblings Sarah, Stephen, and Grace Mally can help. This book is packed with good advice to smooth out your relationship(s) with your siblings. Sarah, the oldest, gives insights for children who are the oldest. Stephen, a middle child gives tips for those who are stuck in the middle. And Grace gives tips for those who are the youngest. If you live in a big family and are the middle child (a family with four kids or more), I suggest you read all the tips Sarah, Stephen, and Grace gives, as you are older than some kids, but younger than others. Either way, you can read the whole book regardless where you stand.
This book is a great read aloud! To order this book, click here

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