“I Am David” by Anne Holm

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I Am David by Anne Holm is the about the story of 12 year old David. David has lived in a concentration camp for as long as he can remember. Now, a guard tells him to escape. David thinks is a hoax. He decided to try and make the journey. Along the way he meet strangers who are quite friendly, but he fears what will happen if his identity is revealed. Trust no one, he tells himself. To solve the problem, David comes up with a lie. He starts telling people he’s from a circus. And they believe him.Will he make his way to Denmark? Why did the guard let him go?

In both the book and the movie, there is a girl who adores him after he saved her from the fire. Other than that, there is no romance.

The movie is really well played. The movie rating is PG, and hardly any violence is shown. The movie does take the Lord’s name in vain once. Even though the rating is PG, I suggest the movie be for 12+. Plugged In has a really good review here.

The book is recommended for reader 8+, but I also recommend the book for readers 12+.   I don’t recall him taking the Lord’s name in vain in the book, but I may have overlooked it. 

The book does call Carlo “stupid”, which made me wince. David does lie several times. Both the movie and book is sad at times but it does have a happy ending.

Rating (my opinion)
Book: 4 stars
Movie: 4 stars

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