“For the Love of Horses” by Amber Massey

Growing up with a deep love for horses made the day Amber brought Marquise home all the better. As a chestnut Arabian and the eager rider enjoyed long trail rides, they learned to work together when the terrain grew steep, the creek bed deepened, or the weather turned blustery. Somewhere along the winding Blue Ridge Mountain Trails, Amber came to understand that Marquise was her gift from God.
The stories of their journey will stir your heart, inspire your walk with God, and make you smile–because sometime God uses horses to show us the way.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 stars)
Bible translations used: NIV, along with NLT, NASB, and KJV
Controversial: Author does wear pants
Romance: None, unless you count the occasional bit of conversation she and her husband have.
Age: 10+
Containing 42 chapters, this book could be read as a daily devotional or in one setting. I really enjoyed how Mrs. Massey incorporated interesting horse stories that made a Biblical point. Horse-loving readers will also enjoy learning interesting horse information. The only downfall (for me) is that (for some verses) it uses the New Living Translation. While I’m not confined to any certain version of the Bible, I (personally) feel that the NLT is not the most reliable/accurate. She does include verse references by the verses, so looking up the verses in your own translation is easy (although many of the verses you may have memorized)!

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