“Through the Storm” by Lisa Gallant

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5 stars

This book was written by my writing teacher. That is not why I rated it five stars, though.
High in the northern mountains of Maine a family is faced with choices that will change their lives forever. Sam McRoy is a lumberjack and has to leave his family for several months out of the year. In the meantime, his wife, Millie, and two small children have to unexpectedly leave the town and the life they have established. Through a series of circumstances beyond their control, the family is separated. During the various trials that come their way, the family members must either cave to the pressures of doubt and wavering faith, or walk through their trials and come forth stronger and more sure of the hidden hand of God working in their family. Will this family snap against the fury of the storm that has hit, or will they turn to the only one who can walk with them. . .through the storm?
Controversial: The four-year-old girl also tells a 13 year old boy that she wants to marry him when she’s old enough. People do look down on Millie because ***SPOILER ALERT*** (Highlight to view.) She had to take off her wedding band b/c she was expecting and when she got robbed, they took her ring. (B/c people didn’t see a ring and she was expecting, they thought unkind things about her.) ***END SPOILER***

Is it a romance?
Yes and no. Why do I say that? The romance is between the husband and wife only and not described.  There is nothing inappropriate, and when my writing teacher seen a Christian publisher wanting romance books, she tried to send it in, but they didn’t want it because they wanted boy/girl romance
Bible translation used: KJV
I’d recommend the book for 14+
In all, the book is very sweet and at times sad, but it ends sweet.

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