“The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser” by Hosanna Emily

“Rosy growled, and I knew she was pacing the porch. I sensed her uneasiness. Something was wrong. Rosy never barked at cars; why would she choose this one?”

13 year-old Emily Kessler believes in God, but when she discovers someone trespassing in the middle of the night, can she learn to trust in Him completely? Will she have the courage to solve the mystery with her friends? And when everything falls apart, will Emily be able to keep those she loves safe?

Author: Hosanna Emily
Rating: 4 stars

Bible Translation used: American Standard Version
Romance: None whatsoever!
Controversial: See review below
Age: 12+,  I suggest your parent(s) read the book first if you are younger. See review below for why.

I love clean mystery books, and this book had nothing inappropriate like many books of this genre. It’s on the shorter side of novelettes, but grabs the readers attention immediently.  However, there are a few things we must discuss first… 

I was very disappointed the Kessler kids and their friends promised to kept their secret from their parents until they knew it was dangerous. While I understand they didn’t want to worry them, their parents still should have known. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Their parents had every right to know what their children were doing. The book could have had the children solve the mystery, and their parents could have known and helped them. Emily’s older brother Noah(?) and her friend, Anna, made many of the decisions. Again, I was very disappointed they did not consult their parents. Parents do not scold their children at the end of the book either (I could tell you what would happen if they were in my family, but I won’t). I also feel like Emily is so sure about a deer being alive. It made me feel like she was telling promising her sister Daisy (the deer) would be fine, even though Emily had no clue of whether or not the deer was okay.  Hosanna Emily uses Bible verses throughout her book, but does not give reference to where they are located. I know one was Psalm 27:1, but the other, I had no clue where it was to be found. The ASV Bible was used, which I have never heard of. 

If your parents know you will not keep secrets from them (surprises and gifts obviously not included), then this book could probably be read by a reader younger than 12. Otherwise, you should probably not be reading this book until you know better.

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