“Princess in Calico” // Book Review

Caught in a home situation of hardship, drudgery, and ugliness, Katura is unexpectedly given the freedom for which her sensitive spirit longs. She blossoms in her new environment and also meets a friend whose influence changes the entire course of her life.

Katura’s choice in a difficult situation, and the events that follow her decision, lead the reader through experiences that stir the heart and challenge the personal, unselfish, commitment of everyone who calls himself a dedicated child of God.

An absorbing and profitable book for teenage readers. -from

Book Info

Author: Edith Ferguson Black

Rating: 5/5 stars

Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers

Age: Young ladies 12+

My Thoughts

Containing 92 pages, this little book shows what makes a true princess. Katura learns it’s not clothes or beauty that makes a princess, but the heart. Katura learns how to have a servant’s heart and patience. I like how the book is a great reminder that we don’t need beauty or riches to be a true princess.

Romance: None that I can remember

Bible Version Used: King James Version

Language/inappropriate content: None

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