“Ms. Figgy’s Garment School For Girls” by Shelly Figueroa

Ms. Figgy's Garment School for Girls: Learn to Sew 15 Classic ...

3.5 stars
This sewing book is great for anyone who know how to sew. Even those with only basic sewing machine knowledge can complete these projects. The sizes of the patterns are 10-16, although if you are good at sewing, you could figure out how to make clothes slightly smaller/larger.
The book does teach how to make pants and shorts, but the pants are loose and the sweat-pant like (great for pajamas and wearing under at-home dresses). The shorts can also be extended to wear under dresses. (I find the shorts in the picture way too short.) There is a picture on page 89 where the model’s shirt is folded up and a bit of bare skin is showing. (Nothing inappropriate, though.) 
The book also teaches how to make tank-tops too. I don’t find that a problem as even though I’d never wear just a tank-top, they are great for layering. One of the dress/tunic options is sleeveless, but there is another option. I also find the dresses too short, but lengthening them is quite simple.
The pencil skirt is the only immodest skirt option. The A-line skirt in the photo is too short for my preferences, but again, it can easily be lengthened. In some photos, the model’s camisole straps do show. 
The books comes with two double-sided pattern sheets. And they rip easily when torn out of the book. I bought my copy used, and it still had the patterns, but be careful when buying used. 
At this point, you’d probably think I wouldn’t recommend this book, because of all the things mentioned above. But I would. I’ve checked out many sewing books, and most are (by far) much more immodest than this one.  Even the ones that call themselves “modest” are half the time very immodest. 
In all, I really liked this book (and found it helpful), and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to sew clothes.

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